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2014-10-16 The historical-scientific seminar
The museum held the historical-scientific seminar in the series "History of discoveries - from the first person".
Speaker: Doctor of Sciences A. Artyukh, one of the authors of the discovery.
Subject: On the history of the discovery of the deep inelastic nucleon transfer in nuclear reactions.
The logical continuation of the seminar was an extended meeting of the Board of the Museum.
The meeting discussed issues of scientific and technical education and the need to update the museum exhibition.
2014-08-30 Tourists in the Museum
This summer the museum received visitors - tourists, which in the holiday period are especially numerous in Dubna. Geography of tourists is extensive: Moscow, Tver, Nizhny Novgorod, Vologda, London et al. Note also a large number of organized groups of tourists from the ships, which this year began to make a stop in Dubna.
The museum staff particularly membered the visit of a group of young journalists - members of the summer school "Russian Reporter". The guys were very energetic, keen and inquisitive. The main interest on their part caused the dramatic twists and turns of the Soviet atomic project, biographies of the iconic figures of JINR and radiation and environmental problems.
2014-07-25 Show with liquid nitrogen at the Day of the city
One of the activities in celebration of the City Day in the Park of family vacation in Dubna, July 25, 2014 was the performance of senior engineer of the museum Anastasia Zlotnikova and employee of VBLHEP Dmitry Dryablov with the program "Episodes from the life of Dmitry Azotych."
The assembled spectators witnessed an interesting mini-performance in which unique capabilities of liquid nitrogen (widely used in scientific experiments JINR) were demonstrated in a visual and entertaining form.
2014-07-07 Again experiments
July 3 the senior engineer of the museum made a demonstration of popular scientific experiments (including liquid nitrogen) in the children's city camp "Planet Health" (gymnasium N11). Children and the administration of the camp were delighted. And the organizers are thinking of extending the set of "mobile" popular science experiments.
2014-06-30 Delegation of physics teachers at the Museum
June 30 the museum was visited by a delegation of physics teachers from different Moscow schools and colleges(a total of 20 people). Guests of the museum with great interest listened to a lecture museum employee A.A.Rastorguev, who told about the brightest pages in the history of the Soviet Atomic Project, JINR and Dubna. Particular attention was paid to the biographies of the iconic figures of the Institute and a long-term epic discovery of superheavy elements in the United States, Darmstadt and Dubna.
2014-06-29 New visitors at the Museum
June 29, 2014 the museum was visited by a group of children of primary and secondary school children and their parents from Sergiev Posad (a total of 30 people).
Guests of the museum with great interest listened to a lecture of the researcher A.A.Rastorguev on the milestones of history JINR-Dubna. Focusing on the age of the audience, the lecturer gave special attention to the children's age of the academician Bogolyubov, the early development of his ability, diligence, commitment, and the first scientific paper written by him in 15 years.
Immediately after the lecture the children were able to independently carry out experiments with the help of such exhibits as "Deadlock", "Maxwell's Pendulum", "Anti-Archimedes' law" and "Double cone rolling up".
2014-06-19 The Museum opened its doors to children from urban camps
On 16 and 19 June 2014 the museum opened its doors to children from city camps "Summer" (school ╣8) and "Friendship" (school ╣ 9), the total number of 120 people.
Two excursions were organized for children's groups. Children themselves were able to see in action of different physical laws, taking part in experiments with new exhibits, as the "Dead loop", "Pendulum Maxwell", "Anti-Archimedes law", "double Cone rolling up", "Magnet in a copper pipe" and others.
Children also got acquainted with a diorama "A hand family tree" (The
State Biological Museum of K.A.Timiryazev), learned about the main milestones of the darwinist concept of the origin of a human hand.
Children and youth leaders expressed their gratitude to the museum staff for an exciting immersion into the world of science.
2014-05-17 "Night of Museums"
May 17, our museum took part in the international event "Night of Museums".
Details are in "Night of Museums", Institute's weekly magazine "Dubna: science, community, progress." Some pictures from the event can be found in the "Photo Gallery".
2014-05-17 "Physics of fundamental particles of matter - Bird's Eye View"
May 17, 2014 the museum in the framework of the popular scientific lectures "Available Science" held another lecture.
Speaker: V.A. Nikitin, Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Chief researcher VBLHEP JINR.
More information can be found in a division "Available Science".
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